Open Campus

Expand Your Education with Open Campus at USD

Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge by taking college-level courses on Business, Marketing or Communications? What about Psychology, Philosophy or Leadership? Or important niche subjects such as Women’s & Gender Studies, Peace & Justice or Environmental Science?

Well, here is a unique educational opportunity you may wish to consider. Welcome to the ’s Open Campus program!

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What Is Open Campus at USD?

Open Campus at the invites professionals, students, high school graduates and other members of the greater San Diego community to attend courses on the USD campus. The program is ideal for people who would like to attend a regular course or courses at USD, but without having to seek admission to a degree-granting program.

Each semester, students use our Open Campus program to explore the full range of courses offered by the university. Classes in Open Campus are offered on a space-available basis after receiving the signed permission of the course instructor and a department, school or college administrator.

In order to apply, please follow the instructions below.

Steps for Application

For any course please obtain instructor approval using the appropriate departmental forms in step 3:

  1. Search for classes in the.
  2. Select the courses you wish to take and email [email protected] with the class name, number (CRN), times, instructor, your name and phone number.
  3. Print, complete and submit the course approval form to the office of Professional & Continuing Education.
    • Undergraduate – Print the . For courses in the College of Arts & Sciences, forms must receive approval from the Dean’s office in addition to the instructor. For all other courses, the appropriate Dean’s office or chair must approve in addition to the instructor.
    • Graduate – Print the . The appropriate Graduate Director must approve for admittance to this course. To find out who this is for your program, please contact [email protected]
    • Knauss School of Business – For students who want to take courses through the Knauss School of Business (Graduate or Undergraduate), please seek approval through [email protected]
  4. Transcripts:
    • Undergraduate – Send all official transcripts to the office of Professional & Continuing Education, Attn: Open Campus
    • Graduate – Send all official transcripts to the Graduate Admissions Office ([email protected])
  5. Create a PCE student account using the link from the top of
  6. Complete the online.
  7. Pay the registration and course fee by the deadline. Tuition is charged at the regular per hour unit rate less a 5% discount. Please check the following Student Financial Services pages for rates:

International Students and returning Open Campus students should contact [email protected] prior to starting this process.

Please note the following items before applying: